At any sport stacking event Judges are key to the success of the competition. Judges interact with individual stackers, teams and coaches. Judges are charged with following specific guidelines for timing events, and making judgment calls during relay events. Judges have to have a basic concept of Sport Stacking and be trained on the rules that most commonly apply at any Sport Stacking event. The judges’ training is an online training program. This training should be completed and reviewed days prior to the sport stacking event. If possible judges should have a final review a day or so prior to the event or for sure on the morning of the event! Gather judges in a confined area and go over some “points of emphasis” then ask for questions to check for understanding and clarification.

Judge Responsibilities

  • Have a working knowledge of all sport stacking rules and procedures.
  • Perform preliminary timing for competitors in the 3-3-3, 3-6-3, Cycle, Doubles and Timed 3-6-3 Relay
  • Practice preventive officiating strategies, (i.e. during warm-ups alert or correct any improper stacking, reinforcing rules and procedures, etc.)
  • May be a Judge for the Divisional Finals (as selected by the Division Managers).
  • Judge all Head-To-Head Relay Events
  • Mediate any disputes brought forth by a Coach or competitor