Speed Stacks, Inc. is the main sponsor of the WSSA. Speed Stacks® brand sport stacking equipment is “The Official equipment of the WSSA” and the only brand that can be used at WSSA Sanctioned and/or Recognized Tournaments and Events. The WSSA is happy to loan WSSA Sanctioned/Recognized Tournaments Speed Stacks equipment that is needed to run a successful event.

Sport Stacking Cups

This cup has been specially designed for sport stacking, approved by the WSSA, and used in a sport stacking events or competition. It is also the standard for individual and institutional use.

StackMat Pro

Endorsed by WSSA, this mat & timing device gives stackers the optimum stacking surface providing accurate times to the thousandths of a second.

Tournament Display Pro

The Tournament Display plugs into the StackMat® Pro and shows the stacker’s time in large illuminated digits that are visible at distance (up to 100 feet away) allowing competitors and audience to see the stacker’s time as it happens.