• The World Sport Stacking Association serves as the governing body for sport stacking rules and regulations.
  • The WSSA provides a uniform framework for sport stacking events.
  • The WSSA sanctions sport stacking competitions and records worldwide.
  • Our intent is to uphold the qualities of self-confidence, teamwork and good sportsmanship while providing a positive experience for all.

Official Rule Book

Specific Sections of Above Rule Book:

Rule Changes

Promoting Good Sportsmanship

Sport stacking not only develops important physical skills, such as hand-eye coordination, quickness and focus; it also promotes selfconfidence, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Our intent is to uphold these qualities and provide a positive experience for all. Please understand that most everyone involved in sport stacking competitive events is a volunteer working hard to do the best job they can do. Like any athletic competition, decisions and judgments will be made-–most will be correct, some may be questionable—all will be sincere. We ask that all those taking part in a competition, including Stackers, Relay Team Coordinators, Officials and Spectators, do their best to work together, be good sports and positive role models, and have a terrific time! The WSSA follows the principles and guidelines as outlined by the Positive Coaching Alliance.